3 thoughts on “★ Hayday how to trade with a friend★ 2018

  1. hello guys i am now ready to trade
    i have more barn tools i am trushted deler. i need food.
    i can give you ration. 3beeswax for 1 barn tools. means 1:3 i give you all food ration
    beeswax 1:3
    stawberry candel 1:3
    Lobstair 1:3
    father 1:3
    honey apple cake 1:3
    Lobstair skwer 1:3
    cream 1:6
    butter 1:5
    cheese 1:4
    goat cheese 1:4
    honey 1:4
    and more any food

    and last.
    i have more land tools.
    1 barn tools 2 land tools full price

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  3. Anyone that is wanting to trade please let know through a reply below ☺️ I'm willing to trade over gc or a little bit easier on Kik, Thanks!

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