10,000 Pennies At Coinstar

hay day cheats free diamonds coinstar exchange

hay day cheats free diamonds coinstar exchange
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10,000 Pennies At Coinstar

10,000 Pennies At Coinstar 1,000,000 views! Thanks everyone!
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In this episode of Star Stable Tutorials, Archie and Esmeralda Kinglee show you what Star Coins and Jorvik Shillings is all about! Are you living in a rich players world?

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44 thoughts on “10,000 Pennies At Coinstar

  1. Wait what the hell, 10,000 pennies gives you $1,000!! It’s either he’s lying, or the machine ripped him off? Am I right? Or I miss something in math class? 😂


  3. I put in 30 dollars worth of pennies into the self service checkout at Walmart to buy some beers. It took me nearly 20 minutes to complete, it pissed off the staff because I held up the queue because they were busy, but I say em the corporate scum.

  4. Arre bhai me bhi Hu StarMaker pe ase kisi ko follow karne se to followers to milenge hi na follow Kiye Bina followers bade Asa bataao

  5. They can understand if you follow and then unfollow, how?. If they go to your page list and try to send a msg, they can see that it requires a friend request.

  6. Mein 12 loogo ko follow kar rha hoon starmaker pe aur mere followers 350 hai iska kya matlab ab mujhe followers teezi se badhane hai to kya karu bro

  7. The prices are too expensive, it is annoying that i payed nearly 80$ to only receive minimal star coins a week. Star coins are also too expensive, most games with special currency give you a way to earn it or just randomly receive but why on Star Stable especially with those ridiculously high prices.

  8. can u guys make thath u can buy other things for shilings to i cant afford sc the price is too big or just make thathh every day u can get 5 or ten sc like daily when u log in u can get5 or 10 sc pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bc i cant learn how to lead and alot of things :(Some people say thath star table gives 100 sc for free in every next week but when i created new acc i get them ? why?

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