A Favor in Kind | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 16

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A Favor in Kind | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 16

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The Mighty Nein deal with the ramifications of their actions in the research facility, exploring more of the dark caverns beneath Zadash and experimenting with dangerous unknowns…

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19 thoughts on “A Favor in Kind | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 16

  1. < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1m00s">1:00 DnD Beyond 80’s Ad
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=9m40s">9:40 Episode Starts
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=14m10s">14:10 Jester reveals her secret
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=15m55s">15:55 Battle Begins
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=19m25s">19:25 Yasha puts her foot in her mou…dammit!!
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=41m55s">41:55 Jester looks out for number 1
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=49m55s">49:55 HDYWTDT
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1h05m55s">1:05:55 Greasin’ the goblin
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1h17m45s">1:17:45 Nott having a great day
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1h48m25s">1:48:25 Molly’s nipple rings
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1h50m50s">1:50:50 A familiar voice
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1h55m40s">1:55:40 Jester lifts
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=1h56m35s">1:56:35 A long drive to that pun
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h00m30s">2:00:30 Wet dreams
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h06m35s">2:06:35 Break Starts
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h15m05s">2:15:05 Art Montage
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h19m30s">2:19:30 Break Ends
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h21m30s">2:21:30 History is confusing
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h22m30s">2:22:30 Fjord talks about his dentistry
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h24m15s">2:24:15 Aggressive insight
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h25m55s">2:25:55 Yasha has a good strategy
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h28m55s">2:28:55 Hiding the sword
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h41m50s">2:41:50 Nott a good liar now
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h48m25s">2:48:25 20’s steal money from children
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h50m50s">2:50:50 His breakfast has to finish him
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h54m25s">2:54:25 Extracting the sword
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h01m00s">3:01:00 Harassing the crier
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h04m35s">3:04:35 Sean Connery
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h09m15s">3:09:15 Jester’s worship
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h13m35s">3:13:35 Skein adventures
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h20m15s">3:20:15 Yasha’s info gathering
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h26m40s">3:26:40 Jester is too much for Caleb
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h43m20s">3:43:20 Communication is key
    < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=3h52m45s">3:52:45 Reminding Caleb
    Between Twitch and Youtube, live viewership of this episode peaked around 56,000 people. The in-game start day for the episode was the 20th of Fessurian 835 PD. Sam’s flask says “Comedic Genius”
    Hey Alyfio and others, I know there’s been some weirdness lately with my stamps disappearing from the comments for a while, and I thank you for making sure they remain useful to people. I think I may have it fixed now, and as a test I’d like to request a 24-hour grace period before reposting these stamps, so our posts ’t compete. If this isn’t near the top by then, by all means repost. Thank you.
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

  2. < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=4h12m30s">4:12:30 Lol it took me a while to realise that was an octopus squid thing on his head, this belongs in the chastity nook

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  4. Jester is breaking through caleb hi shell. It would make sense for a girl like her to make a shy lad lik caleb to open up

  5. < =".youtube/watch?v=lT-wFK4SgJc&t=2h38m09s">2:38:09 “He looks a little groggy…”
    Travis’s Head snaps up to him

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