A Guy Watches His Own Surgery

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A Guy Watches His Own Surgery

“Oh my god, they’re just wrenching it in!”

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What really causes addiction — to everything from cocaine to smart-phones? And how can we overcome it? Johann Hari has seen our current methods fail firsthand, as he has watched loved ones struggle to manage their addictions. He started to wonder why we treat addicts the way we do — and if there might be a better way. As he shares in this deeply personal talk, his questions took him around the world, and unearthed some surprising and hopeful ways of thinking about an age-old problem.

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75 thoughts on “A Guy Watches His Own Surgery

  1. I had a hernia when I was like an infant. Like 1 to 1 and 1/2 years old. It was like a movie scene. The nurse took me back into the O.R. I was screaming, my mom was crying, and my dad was trying to calm her down.

  2. I'm having cataract surgery in a month. I had it done in the other eye a couple of years ago, so I know what it's going to feel like, sort of, but I 't want to ever watch it being done to me.

  3. Guys guess what the robot that operated on Keith was a robot I had to study in school and if I can remember correctly it was called Da Vinci < =".youtube/watch?v=76f2-qAukAY&t=4m45s">4:45

  4. Beautiful! So well put to. And I can vouch for myself with regards the theory of bonding and wanting to be present in my own life. Exactly why I drank for 10+ years

  5. This guy ’t know anything about Heroin Withdrawals.
    If you use heroin for more than 3 days, you’ll become physically addicted. Meaning, if you stop using it without weaning off of it. You’ll be physically ill. Fever and chills right away.

  6. I started smoking weed at 16 and then found pills. I was connected. Had a great upbringing..never lacked for anything. You make it sound like there is no physical dependence. That's true. Staying connected is a part but as profound as you make it sound

  7. You won't get addicted to heroin if you use if for somethin harsh like intense pain or intense anxiety that soldiers have

  8. Wish it were that easy. I had a sister who was addicted to prescription drugs for years. She had a large family and we all loved her and tried to help her. I watched her addiction change her from a beautiful, funny, classy lady into a person I no longer recognized. She had times where she well, but in the end, even though she had years of sobriety the accumulative effect of using these drugs killed her. She passed away from "drug intoxication" at the age of 51. The simple truth is drugs change people, and you can't save them, they have to save themselves.

  9. The joys off addict heroin the devil's dandruff screws u up big time who do i blame governments that's who they bastards brought it into all the country's from USA 2 UK sick off the lies the wanted us on it fact now we're on a dumbass methadone programme enough to make me want to die no way out stuck with it where wee like it or .

  10. I think this talk is very insightful and useful when focusing on addiction in people who are already troubled or become troubled in some way. But I believe this talk has no connection to people who have great lives for themselves but still choose a drug/chemical and become addicted while still maintaining there life outside of addiction. (Prime example: cigarettes) the average addict with two kids and a stable job/happy life wakes up in the morning craving a cigarette. The love in their lives can do everything they can but that still may stop the addict from coming back. Great talk overall, but addiction has a whole is this narrow of a topic.

  11. If someone gets withdrawals from cannabis they should see a psychiatrist because that's a neurological issue in their way of thinking !

  12. Addiction is a weakness a disease ! Weak people who 't have the will power to stop, that's no disease , that's ADDICTION !

  13. This is important info to counteract all of the things that are being done to make the problem even worse. Manipulation and enabling 't equal connection so sometimes true tough love with limits is needed. Nope unfortunately it's as simple as just hugs. Also look at the underlying trauma connection– over 10x as much addiction of all kinds among those with a trauma background. Self medication? Childhood and adult trauma can be healed, with just general counseling or even residential treatment programs that 't get to the roots, but by effective methods– EMDR, TIR, EFT, and other techniques– and only if they're done skillfully of course . That's my 2 cents. I hope our world wakes up, stops punishing people who are already suffering, and deals with actual causes.

  14. Based on research and the results of Portugal, I think all Countries will be better off to legalize all drugs.
    Drug related crimes are higher in 2018 in Mexico, especially murder. Is why so many Mexicans want to go to the USA.
    If Mexico and USA legalize all drugs, drug usage-down. Murders-down. Incarcerations-down.
    Saved tax dollars for people be incarcerated will be immense and can be offered for free rehab with a lot left over.
    In Portugal the stigma was lifted that people with addictions were "less than." And started being treated as human beings.
    With the new laws, they stopped living in fear of how they would get their drug of choice, getting caught, and sent to prison.
    If I had my druthers, no one would have addictions of any kind. But for now, Countries do.
    Also, this would help families that have addicted members or friends. Because at some point you wonder if you are helping or enabling. Where is that "precise" line?
    People with addictions already feel shame, guilt, low self esteem, etc. Some of or all of these and even more.
    I'm sure if I believe addictions are inherit through genes. I lean more towards Dr. Gabor Mate's findings. He's here at utube.
    In any event, the War on Drugs obviously '!
    Neither Prohibition in USA. In one day, that law created a lot of law abiding people to be criminals. Then gangs and mafias got a grip and people were murdered. This is no different now with the War On Drugs.
    Legalizing, I believe, will eventually create no need for drugs. As to how long that will take only time will tell.
    Meanwhile, love and cherish your family members or friends with addictions. Be compassionate.
    I lost my son. For years he was addicted. One day he became clean and sober after a few tries.
    But my family would let him forget his past. They tormented him. After a year of this he took his life.
    Losing him, I felt split down the middle by a fiery sword. I became angry at everyone that hurt him. Especially his (my) family. Eventually I walked out of their lives. None of them are perfect. Neither am I. But in no way could or would I play the "blame, shame, guilt" games they to him.
    Please, 't do this to your beloved ones.

  15. Hi. Just wanted to clarify something. Lots of people are acting like I'm starting a new channel or I'm done with magic. Neither of which is true. There will still be tutorials on this channel from other creators and I will give my input. In fact nothing has really changed. I uploaded 1 tutorial about every 5-10 videos before and will continue to do so, just going to focus on other creators, cardistry, tips and theory etc.. Anyways, let's get carried away. I'm here for good. CR

  16. they fall down to earth ye, but the other wide side was pointing down 🙂 btw good videos. I just start with magic, will be fun 🙂

  17. Hi Chris and RamFam! I was doing some research about card tricks and came across an Open Source library called < ="archive/">Archive. If you do a search on "card tricks" within the archive you'll discover a bunch of old books that are worth mining for tricks that can be updated/adapted to fit your own twist. These are free to download onto many devices as well as having a pretty nice web interface. Bon chance on building your next set!

  18. Wassup? I hope to be starting a YouTube channel soon that hopefully will assist in my goal job tutoring college students in math and found your info on

  19. Just an idea for those who are magicians, i just do tricks for fun and take my brain away from every day life. When chris mentioned fraternity whatever, i came up with an act where two random people come together and within the trick they both select a card that seems random but only each of the person can know their own card and in the end you reveal that both these people have alot more in common than what u think. Perhaps one of the chose the king of spades and the other the king of clovers. 👍

  20. Chris, I'd put you up there with Lance Burton and David Blaine because you always manage to intrigue me with your content. Thanks for all the amazing videos you share and the enjoyment and awe you create for people with your magic! When I wanted ideas, I always would ask myself "What if I want this object to do this." Then I would try to figure out how to make it happen. Watching random videos, reading a book, looking at art or around the room I was in for inspiration also came in handy.

  21. Get you set a little explanation of difficult words on the screen so I ( and probably more ppl ) can understand everything you say? Btw love your channel so freaking much 💚💚💚

  22. I’m so jealous that you got The Wicked King, Muse of Nightmares, City of Ghosts, and Wildcard! I really want those in my hands right now!! Also I’m now excited for Dear Evan Hansen because it sounds so cool!!

  23. I want to see the cover for Lady Smoke sooooo badly!!! Do we have a date for the cover reveal yet??? I can't wait!

  24. @emmmabooks. Good one. The book that I am absolutely really excited for is "Queen of Air and Darkness!!!!!!!!!! ugh… U have no idea how badly I want Dec. 4th to arrive so that I can eventually get the physical copy of the book… I just love Cassie Clare's books so much… Right now I'm currently reading Clockwork Angel.
    i will say that some parts of the book are a little slow, but it's still a great book… Keep up the good work…

  25. I love your videos! Thank you for what you contribute to this book community 🙂 your job matters, and you are super appreciated.

  26. le me: ooh new emmmabooks vid, nice relaxing few mins enjoying her vid
    drops teacup

  27. Geeezus! I have never been so jealous of a haul before, all these books, all their pages, and all of these worlds in the palm of your hands. Glad you had fun!

  28. Thank you for sharing with English subtitles. Sadly it was worse than a tragedy, it was a beginning to end train wreck of a horror story, speaking to fears and terrors but solving none in it's plot.

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