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hay day tricher en classe jaime

hay day tricher en classe jaime
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Learn how to pronounce the sounds /tʃ/ and /dʒ/ and the letters ch and j. Which letters make these sounds in English? Which sound is voiced and which is voiceless? What sound do the letters ch, tch, and tu make? What sound do the letters j, ge, gi, gy, dg, and du make? See, hear, and practice many example words spoken by a native speaker. Learn important tips and correct mouth position. See more at

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Starting times for sections of the videos.
0:55 How to make /tʃ/ and /dʒ/ sounds
5:47 Which letters make these sounds
10:54 Practice words
20:13 Minimal Pairs
23:36 Quiz
26:30 Sentences
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13 thoughts on “Airsoft Entrepot TV

  1. Thanks so much , I'm so greatful for you , every single video you have has a huge Impact on my language in terms of Improvement starting from how to wrtie cursive going forward

    as usual I have a question for you ,
    I have been struggling pronouncing these word and phrases. Even the videos on you tube expalin that well

    definitely /
    these word seem to be easy , but in fact the vowel sounds make it very hard

     The following cluases i could find any video expalin how to pronounce them in thier negative form (How to link /Reduce the sounds ) ,
    i mean i know if i wanna say for instance (should have become >>SHOULDA or SHOULDVE)


    couldn't have >>??
    wouldn't have >>??
    shouldn't have> ??

    Your have a peacful smile by the way
    Thanks in Advance

  2. thanks for ur kindness u r a good teacher do u give courses in middle east as i want to attend a course about sentence stress

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