Avengers 4 Theory: Did Doctor Strange Time Travel To Captain Marvel?

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Is this how Infinity War ending will be reversed?
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30 thoughts on “Avengers 4 Theory: Did Doctor Strange Time Travel To Captain Marvel?

  1. Wow, amazing theory! This fills just about every plot hole in Infinity War, and it would be genius if it were correct.

  2. If this turns out to be true, then it's the only time travel plot in all of movie history that isn't dumb.

    The problem writers never think about is that if you change something in the past which causes some great bad thing to happen, then you never had the need to go into the past to change something in the first place which would then lead to nothing actually changing.

  3. Imagine we see doctor strange in the captain marvel movie coming up because he time traveled! that would be trippy and cool

  4. Dr. Strange said that he only went forward in time unless that was a .
    < ="youtu.be/uH6lHlRkDiY">youtu.be/uH6lHlRkDiY

  5. Love this theory. If the original Avengers were indeed put together based on a future plan, that’d give the entire MCU deeper meaning.

  6. I disagree… Thanos now has only the time stone but all the others. Surely after all this effort and sacrifice he will use the time stone to make sure that his plan will be ABSOLUTELY successful. Or will he just get lazy?

  7. what about the message Nick Fury sends in post credit scene? That looks like symbol on Captain Marvel's Suit

  8. If Strange went back into time and told Captain Marvel and Fury to save people from Thanos, He himself would never become Dr. Strange and by the time he reaches back into the present, things would be very different!

  9. Of all the time travel theories that have been thrown around in the past 3months for the next movie, this IS the most WOW!!! one yet.

  10. Very plausible theory and definitely allows Nick Fury’s reaction at the end of infinity war and his name drop in Winter Soldier to make sense

  11. completely agree!! all your points are cleared by one scene in infinity war when bruce ask stark to call Cap. someone must've notic the reaction of doctor strange he gave a reactions as if everything happened in front of him. you might wanna see that 🙂

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