BEAUTY HACKS Whiten Teeth Instantly At Home in Under 10 Minutes Naturally ♥ Before & After Whitening

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JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ Lets try and get to 3,000 thumbs up :D!! In this episode of Try It Wengie I try to whiten my teeth instantly in one day using activated charcoal which is a quick, natural and cheap way to whiten teeth at home! White teeth is something everyone loves and a white smile is something I haven’t really experience thanks to my love for tea and coffee!

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My Teeth Whitening Experience:

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My 7 day diet food plan with recipes and calorie counts:

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I’ve lived on instant noodles to buy designer handbags, worn dresses and own so much make up, I could make-over a travelling circus.



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Now the back finishing part of the video was just for fun and no feeling were hurt in the making of this video, and yes I will pay dearly in one way or another. OK This build is showing different tools I used in making this miniature Anvil. Use what you have is the idea and yes power tools make life easier. The proportions of the Anvil are not at all taken from anything in particular, just make it as you go method. The material is just Mild Steel, and the Anvil measures L 70 mm x H 25 mm x W 28 mm. I put some clear lacquer on it to protect it. The job took around 4 hours, the video editing took maybe 5 hours. Well, I’m still waiting for my son to mow the lawn as for washing the car…….Pfffft. I hope you enjoy watching the video. I appreciate your support and comments, thank you and all the best!

What we came here 4 –

38 thoughts on “BEAUTY HACKS Whiten Teeth Instantly At Home in Under 10 Minutes Naturally ♥ Before & After Whitening

  1. So first there's "wonderful world of wengie", then "diet wengie", theeen "try it wengie", WHERE'S "UNICORN WENGIE"!!!!!
    PLZ like if ur watching in 2018

  2. Smash up a strawberry then put it on your toothbrush and just brush your teeth then spit it out and just get your normal toothpaste and brush again.

    If it works give me a like or a comment guys bye

  3. I have the tablets all ready ground into powder I use it once a month it isn't messy at all you dip in your tooth brush,brush your teeth and your done!

  4. With a ring like that you had better hope you never upset your wife if she has a good left hook. 👊🏼💪🏼🤕

  5. I'm completely blown away by your artistry. I've been binge-watching your videos for a couple of hours now and can safely say your metalwork is the most fascinating I've seen online so far. I love incorporating metal into my own woodworking (though my use of metal is very, very modest compared to yours, hahaha) and watching you do it is truly inspiring. Congrats, man! Merry xmas!

  6. This is so awesome Scott. I can't imagine making something like this without screwing it up halfway through.

  7. Thank you very much Scott, this is great news!
    Take your time of course, I'm in a huge hurry. I had a good friend of mine leave for New Zealand today, going through Australia. I look forward to hearing from you. I will get you my info.

  8. I just made a comment, and a request for one of these Anvils on another video,right before I saw this one. OMG!!
    I want one of those Anvils so bad! It was a great video,If only I could get my son to help with yard work that easy. lol

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