Blocks: Easily create 3D models in VR

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hay day apk indir parallelogram meaning
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Easily create beautiful 3D models in VR with Blocks. Make your own at
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21 thoughts on “Blocks: Easily create 3D models in VR

  1. Working with the Google Block and the Google Tilt Brush can do great things. Thanks for the intuitive cool app.

  2. Sooo we need to pay 1,900 for this to work the vive is 900 and the computer is 1,000 why can't this need a vive or the other VR Head set?!

  3. i just had a question why was this free but tilt brush was $20 this vr app seems way more usefull than tilt brush yet its free. im complaining i just thought i would ask.

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