12 thoughts on “Cat 320DL at My real job! D.L.Harrell Construction. 2018

  1. Shoot, yea hell you are a good farmer! Man mix it up when you can. Enjoy seeing it all. Why I ’t know bc I do all the same stuff everyday, construction, but I got a 330C and a D5LPG and do land clearing, farm clean up etc and then come home and watch it on YouTube lol. My wife says “you do t get your fill of that during the day baby?” 😂 nope

  2. I have enjoyed all your videos! Farming is fun but construction is also interesting. I get to see places and country I miss every so often. I've been to church in the one that burned, 't know it had burned. If my sister 't tell me I miss it!

  3. Me personally, I would like to see a lil of both. An equipment video would be cool, to see all the big toys y’all have.

  4. Nice equipment, I 't know anything about it but I would imagine that quick connect makes changing buckets so easy compared to hammering out the pin or something on that behemoth.

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