Chaîne Voyage

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hay day tricher entretien piscine
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Inside The Weird World of an Islamic 'Feminist' Cult

Adnan Oktar is the most notorious cult leader in Turkey. In addition to introducing the world to his bizarre take on Islamic religion, the Muslim creationist credits himself with introducing his followers to feminism.

Oktar refers to his cadre of devoted women as “kittens.” At his behest, the “kittens” shirk hijabs and traditional dress. Instead, they wear designer outfits, apply heavy makeup, and undergo plastic surgery. They also happen to be wealthy socialites.

Together, Oktar and his followers are ushering in what they call the new face of modern Islam. Oktar and his kittens even have their own television network to broadcast their views, which include discrediting evolution.

Broadly spends three strange days with the cult leader and his “kittens” to see what life in Oktar’s cult is really like for women.

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17 thoughts on “Chaîne Voyage

  1. I'm a muslim and this isnt the way islam is. islam is peace, islam is beautiful . women has to cover our aurat by wearing hijab and wear long dress/blouse to cover our body. but in the same time, all muslims women cover their aurat. (depends on that person itself) but it is actually mandatory for the women especially to cover our aurat ( the hair, the skin, and all we can show is our face , and some part of hand) Theres a reason why we must cover it for eg to prevent us from danger. (sexually abuse rape etc)

  2. They are all European looking. Thanks to centuries of Ottoman Turkish enslavement of Europeans large percentage of people in Turkey are Europeans that were forced to convert to Islam.

  3. One of the girl was talking about the truth my problem with that is if you 't know what is the truth how can you know the decision you're making is the truth especially when involving religion

  4. I think that's unfair the way the presenter goes in into someone's house and talks in such way about < =""> saying I agree with the A9 cult however,it 't make the presenter much better in fact a hypercrit the way she portrayed herself and then comes outside and actually backbiting.
    Absolute no faith in presenters like her.

  5. The man called Adnan Oktar is in the jail now . What ever he does nothing with İslam . His kittens against İslam we see woman as a sex objeckt

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