Chaîne Voyage

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There were several variations of program introductions. A typical early opening is this from April 27, 1943:



This is The Man in Black, here again to introduce Columbia’s program, Suspense.

Our stars tonight are Miss Agnes Moorehead and Mr. Ray Collins. You’ve seen these two expert and resourceful players in “Citizen Kane” – “The Magnificent Ambersons” in which Miss Moorehead’s performance won her the 1942 Film Critics’ Award. Mr. Collins will soon be seen in the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Technicolor film, “Salute to the Marines.”

Miss Moorehead and Mr. Collins return this evening to their first love, the CBS microphone, to appear in a study in terror by Lucille Fletcher called “The Diary of Sophronia Winters.”

The story told by this diary is tonight’s tale of… suspense. If you’ve been with us on these Tuesday nights, you will know that Suspense is compounded of mystery and suspicion and dangerous adventure. In this series are tales calculated to intrigue you, to stir your nerves, to offer you a precarious situation and then withhold the solution… until the last possible moment. And so it is with “The Diary of Sophronia Winters” and the performances of Agnes Moorehead and Ray Collins, we again hope to keep you in…


THE MAN IN BLACK: … Suspense!
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17 thoughts on “Chaîne Voyage

  1. as well-endowed as Suspense wit its plentiful assets & such i think i still prefer Quiet Please n Lights Out 😛

  2. I just heard about suspense. Glad I could find it here. Born in 78 but find the shows from that time are far scarier than things today

  3. Thank you for posting I love Suspense! Great that there are 3 in each post. Born in 1960's but guess an old soul. 🙂

  4. Sure what was scary and suspenseful many years ago may seem a bit campy nowadays, but that's the charm of it. It's experiencing a by-gone era – a lost art. These people were telling a story to you and it was necessary to be very, maybe overly, expressive with your speech. I personally love old-time radio. Let's talk about entertainment today – it's pathetic!
    Many thanks to the poster for all this great stuff.

  5. For all you young'ens: this was a top quality radio show circa 1942. There were programs with better acting & writing, but this level was typical.

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