Chaîne Voyage

hay day tri chem paints catalogue ikea

hay day tri chem paints catalogue ikea
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Welcome to Basics With Babish, a new series to help you up your kitchen game and grow your cooking confidence. First things first: building your kitchen arsenal. Learn the essential kitchen tools you need to begin making beautiful meals at home. Next episode: Sauces!

Check out a list of my kitchen tools here:

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20 thoughts on “Chaîne Voyage

  1. I will admit this video has helped me so much. Though I wish i could afford some of the stuff he has. I have a better blender, he has a dutch oven that scares me. Ba dum tish.

  2. I am so excited for this video. Im about to get my own apt and finally having free range on what I can cook and purchasing my own cookware is making me so excited and even more so coming from babishes videos

  3. I just cooked a pasta so freaking delicious I fell in love with myself when I tasted ❤️❤️ Indeed cooking is a great skill, thank you for the advise:)

  4. Finally got around to checking out the equipment list on the website because I'm in need of a new cutting board and I love that you included both affiliate and non-affiliate links to places where all the stuff can be purchased. Of course I'm going to use the affiliate ones, but by providing both, it really does show that it's stuff you genuinely like to use and aren't just recommending it to make money from it. Keeping it classy, like always!

  5. I'm a little worried at some the prices mentioned here, and our kitchen is already too full of the good stuff I DO have…but 't have the space for s:

    Yeah, that crappy little cutting board, is about the most my kitchen can handle. It sucks. I DO have a bigger one, but it's still a similar style, and it takes up almost all of the free counter space I have, which makes it awkward to maneuver whatever dish I'm trying to prepare.

    Any suggestions for ridiculously-tiny kitchens? Because, kid you , I only have a handful of square feet's worth of space to maneuver EVERYTHING. Pans, fresh ingredients, steps… It gets really frustrating ):

    And I think it'd be awesome to watch you do something with salmon and freekeh ^^ Had a Blue Apron meal with those that was AMAZING, and I'd like to find other combinations for those two, that would be much more easily obtainable at home. Maybe grain substitutions? Just putting that out there, (I'm sure if that's been covered already, or . I just 't want to end up forgetting this, so putting it out there now.)

  6. My problem with big cutting boards is how do you wash them? I moved recently and have been using my housemates cooking tools. He has big wooden boards which are great but they ’t even fit in the sink!

  7. Im so thankful for my grandma. "Oh, I got new pans. Do you want my old ones?" Yes, grandma. I REALLY want them. Its AllClad and really perfect.

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