Clean a Backpack & Lunch Bag: Back To School Cleaning Tips 1/3 (Clean My Space)

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We have put together a list of several back to school cleaning tips, just for you! In this video, we discuss how to clean a backpack, how to clean a lunch bag or lunch box, and how to deodorize your backpack. So many great tips for the big day!

Back to school cleaning playlist:

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We’ve also put a playlist together to help you get ready for back to school with some of our videos that contain helpful back to school cleaning tips and ideas.

You can read about everything on our blog, as always!

How to Clean A Backpack & Lunchbag!

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this video series coming out over the next week!

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31 thoughts on “Clean a Backpack & Lunch Bag: Back To School Cleaning Tips 1/3 (Clean My Space)

  1. Hey , anyone knows how to clean sticky oil nd grease type substance which forms with time on the lower outer part of the bags……its black in colour and sticky too nd ruin the beauty of bags…..nd yeah it can't be wiped off with a simple/normal cleaning procedure. So, if anyone u have any idea….let me know guys.

  2. I left a kiwi in My bag and it got squished so now my bag stinks and I go back to school in like a week

  3. I was wondering why this vid was almost 7 mins just to instruct how to clean a backpack, but now I see why motor mouth.

  4. Thus Is helpful I got slime in my bookbag and hot water and dish soap with a hard brush got it out THANK YOU

  5. Guys just use Fairy dishsoap and it really gets acrylic paint out of anything like walls, bed covers etc!

  6. I got wall paint on my yoga pants, and then I washed it with my fuzzy blanket. The paint completely transferred to the blanket, and now there's blue paint on it. I have no idea what kind of paint it was, and I 't want to ruin my blanket. I've tried peeling the pieces of paint out but the furs were ripping too. Help?

  7. I keep a back zip onesie just for painting as it 't matter if I get paint on this. You just need someone to unzip it when you're finished!

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