Facebook login Problem oh Hay Day- Solution!!


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36 thoughts on “Facebook login Problem oh Hay Day- Solution!!

  1. Try this, IT WORKS!!
    Follow these simple steps:

    1. Remove “Facebook” app and “Facebook Messenger” app from your android

    2. Install “Puffin Browser” from Google Play.

    3. Now open Puffin Browser, go to Facebook and login with ur credentials,
    when asked save ur username password in the browser and Check the tick that
    says, “keep me logged in,” ’t log out and click home button to come out
    to the main screen.

    4. Open Hay Day, click on Settings, click on “Help and Support”, then click
    on “more help”. it will open a page and should probably ask u which browser
    to use , select puffin and choose always in order to make it default
    browser for android( in case u have many browsers installed).

    5. :et that help and support page load. normally it will open in a new tab
    as a page was already open as facebook in step 3. now switch tab to
    facebook one. refresh it. switch again to help and support tab, click back
    button twice, it will take u back to hay day. u should be signed into
    facebook now. if click sign in and enter ur credentials. and it will
    ask u to permit use ur facebook info, click OK and voila, ur connected to

    NOTE — if the sign in facebook button is disabled or working as its
    normally buggy in android, repeat step 4, it will work after that.

    [Some of you(like me) might find “More Help” in Hay Day settings as
    mentioned in step 4, but instead check out coz u would be already

    Cheers! ;)

  2. I am using android. The option you have shown in the video of “allow apps
    to use” are mentioned there. Is there any other way?

  3. I built the neighborhood and joined a anyone can join group and never got
    the tab to the side to chat with. I have been waiting for 5 days to get the
    tab, nothing has happened

  4. Hello! I have a big problem. In my Town I’m on level 5 when I use my
    personal train for the first time yesterday I click on leave in one of my
    neighbors by mistake. Now I ’t have any neighbor. What should I do now?
    Please help me! 

  5. ´´Ironwood alley´´ is a new neighborhood in recruitment stage. We are just
    a group of fun loving men and women who like to play hay day and basically
    “hang out”. Nothing “weird” here, but if anything happens that’s cool too.

  6. Join my neighborhood guys it’s called badman crew
    Plz join new members will get ultimate free stuff and will be co leader

  7. What kind of technology do you use for this? iPhone, iPad, or pc? if pc can
    you tell me what website you used to download it? I’ve been trying to get
    it but every time it always tells me I need to pay for it or give out
    personal information. Please replay as quick as possible

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