First to Five! MonkeyMadness(Cell/Piccolo/Tien) Vs Rico Suave(Broly/SSJ Goku/SSJ Vegeta)[DBFZ

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hay day mod apk android 17 vs piccolo
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First to Five!  MonkeyMadness(Cell/Piccolo/Tien) Vs Rico Suave(Broly/SSJ Goku/SSJ Vegeta)[DBFZ

Hey Guys!

Back again with another DBFZ Video today!

Just a heads up, I changed the layout of how I added the player name the video, to have it look more professional look it to, so it didn’t look like I took a spare minute and added the text into the video, with no thought in mind, so now the video should work better for everything! Also, certain videos in the video will also have a scoreboard of how many matches each play and won during the set, so you know who won the set after the video ends! I hope you enjoy the improvements to the video, and I will make more improvements in the future!

Also, another note, I was an idiot and forgot to turn the music in the game back to normal, so I had to add a loop of various DBFZ OST music in the video so there will bee background music for the video, and this will go on for various videos for a bit, but after a while it will be back to normal!

This video is showing off some awesome play, of a set between MonkeyMadness Vs Rico Suave! MonkeyMadness is a young DBFZ player(17 Years old at the time of this video) that wants to become a Streamer full time, and plays tons of various fighting games and other games at the same time! His man team is Cell/Piccolo/Tien! Rico Suave is known to be one of the best Killer Instinct players of all time and also plays a good amount of other fighting games, such as USF4 as one example! His current team he uses is a team of Broly/SSJ Goku/SSJ Vegeta!

All the footage that was recorded in this video is from the replay system on the PS4 using my own Recording Device, which every match recorded with it is a Ranked match between each player! No footage is taken from any streams or other media streaming websites that is not my own recording.


Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed it!

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