Get Unlimited Diamonds and Gold Hay day New

hay day mod applied

hay day mod applied
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Hay Day will always become an existing thing for gamers who love to build things and make money (in virtual context, of course). This game has achieved huge popularities because of some reasons. One of most important reasons is that people can do many things with the game. In order to make it better, the gamers can use Hay Day Tools. This can be so much troublesome if you do not know how to do so. The best way to achieve excitement from the game is using the tools. Diamond Tools generator is the most recommended one among other Tools applied in this game.So,today i will share you how to get unlimited Diamonds and Gold on Hay Day any version
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Summer Tales Farm & Town V1.4.12 Android Save Game Files/Mega Mod | Unlimited Coins,Cash

Build the farm of your dreams, make friends with interesting neighbors, and find out their stories! Summer Tales is a unique blend of farming simulator and adventure. You will have great time enjoying colorful graphics and well-balanced gameplay. Develop your farm and make friend with residents of a small town. Visit the game each day to learn new stories from your neighbors!

Mod 1:
-Unlimited Coins
-Unlimited Cash
-You can update the game after applied this hack

Mod 2:
-Unlimited Coins
-Unlimited Cash
-Level 100
-Unlimited Barn Storage
-Unlimited Items, Axe,Shovel,Eggs etc.
-All Shop Items Unlocked
-Others hacks which i didn’t remember 😉
-You can update the game after applied this hack

Download Save Game:

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2.Go to settings, find Summer Tales & Force stop & clear it’s data.

3.Download Summer Tales Farm & Town hack and Extract it.

3.Open Root Explore and copy the hacked files.

4.Paste them in $ /data/data/ & navigate to “/com.webgames.summertale/files/” & locate file “” & change it’s premission to rwxrwx or Enter Octal:0777 & close root explore.

5.Open Summer Tales Farm & Town And Enjoy!!!

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In this episode, I take an APC battery backup and modify it to have 3 direct DC output jacks as well as an LED display with voltage readout. This gives me a power supply for my HAM radio as well as many other useful capabilities during a power outage.

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21 thoughts on “Get Unlimited Diamonds and Gold Hay day New

  1. real transformer has far less efficiency than the cheapest inverter kind of power supply, an inverter can reach up to 95 maybe 97% efficiency
    best transformer, really premium quality will barely reach 92%
    yea that is why electronic transformers are the power supply of your PC, bcoz their efficiency is so much higher

  2. Interesting video. But is the power supply in the USA so temperamental that there is a need for such devices? Just wondering.

  3. Get your nerd on, great video You could have put a switch on the USB ports that way they would only have power when you need them.

  4. Why depend upon the original battery? Wouldn't a larger capacity AGM or Gell Cell battery last longer and still be charged to capacity by the built in charger in the UPS? Or connect the same capacity battery in parallel with the original battery to double run time ?

  5. I know this video is kinda old, but I somehow managed to make a battery backup out of a 12v Power wheels battery (7.9Ah Capacity) and a 80 Watt cigarette lighter power inverter. I was able to run a LCD TV, An Nintendo Switch, and a lava lamp (with a LED bulb because I needed some light) and was able to get a good 1 hour and 20 minutes of runtime. :/ Thinking of doing some of the mods you in your video… But I ain't got a case!

  6. I use a 12V auxilliary battery with a 20A fuse in between and drilled a hole in the battery pack cover, installed two 50mm thermal controlled fans in above the cover, of course had to remove the nonsensical small battery, connected a 60A Diamond psu to a auxilliary 200AH battery adjusted the voltage of the PSU to 13.4V (13.5v is coming from the APC), recalibrated the APC firmware with a 100W load. Enough energy for two days for my TS-480, D71G and a pfsense machine. Advantage, battery gets charged very quickly with the 60A diamond after a power outage. The diamond PSU has either way diodes, no diodes required.

  7. To all those critics about the need for a battery backup, I live in central Florida near Orlando and we get constant power outages – many for just 2-3 seconds during thunderstorms and lightening sessions. I have a home office and the UPS units keep two monitors and i7-8087 PC computer and cable modem/router running for 20+ minutes – enough time to shut down the pc, exit video editing, power down data backup software, etc. everyone has consistent, reliable power. And, if you are in remote areas or third world countries, the UPS also regulates the power if it fluctuates.

  8. Statements like "Probably and Should" discredit everything in this video. He's got no clue how much a ham radio draws, especially when transmitting.

  9. What does "power goes out'" mean? Goes out where and when does it come back in again? Power isn't in or out, it's either on or off!

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