Getting close to full Assault Mech lance! ★ 2nd RogueTech Battletech 2018 Mod Playthrough #30

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hay day mod apk 2018 nascar
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Let’s play RogueTech! This series is about a Battletech 2018 PC game mod that drastically alters the gameplay experience. You not only get access to the whole Inner Sphere map, it also cuts out the story part of the game and adds new equipment, Mechs as well as a harder battle simulation. This mod definitely brings the game closer to the tabletop experience.

You can download RogueTech here:
Here are the instructions how to install it:

Battletech is a turn based strategy game in which you field giant battlemechs against your enemies in a large variety of missions. You can customize these machines of war and tweak them to your personal playstyle.

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16 thoughts on “Getting close to full Assault Mech lance! ★ 2nd RogueTech Battletech 2018 Mod Playthrough #30

  1. Personally, keep to what yr doing as it adds depth.
    How about playing sub missions/contracts based on the Art of War by Sun Zu? Could be interesting.

  2. I like the idea of some episodes dedicated to more lance experimentation, but I would also like to see you take some of the long term contracts now that you have a decent number of heavy and assault mechs. That could offer a new and interesting challenge.

  3. I might complain about the mech bluiding but that's only because i like 2 see 2 mech mission each episode your doing a fine job with with the vids

  4. I noticed you 't take deployments very often if at all. They actually lead to very profitable priority missions by getting your rep up with a faction. You just need to have to Lances ready.

  5. Please keep the scope as it is, I tend to enjoy the build time as much as the battles, sometimes even more. Your thoughts on new builds are best shared while doing them, rather than trying to explain what you for 5+ minutes at the start of each new episode. Seeing it is nicer, for those of us having this game it provides the full experience.
    Looking forward to each new episode, keep them coming 😊👌🏼

  6. YES!!! Finally caught up.

    Please please please please please 't do anything off camera. I look forward to watching the mech building. It's the best part. Maybe a bit of planning sometimes off screen to help you make sure the builds are perfect as sometimes when you're doing it on the fly you miss things but i want to see you add the components and watch the mech take shape. But also sometimes do it on the fly. Variety is always better.

    The dream would be to watch you build towards a mix of 8 hero/clan mechs with 8 veteran pilots that you throw into battles in different combinations. This would also allow you to rebuild one each video and still give us some time with each build. Some On Going contracts for the pressure, some normal missions to help prep for the on going

  7. Yep keep the rambling about the builds. Plus like someone mentioned in another comment make a screen shot of your inventory so you ’t get confused about what you got. I know you have different play throughs going on. Keep up the great entertainment.

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