Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

hay day apk android oyun club gta baku

hay day apk android oyun club gta baku
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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

GTA Series Videos Hot Topic Episode 11: GTA San Andreas Beta Version and Removed Content

● Thank you to PatrickW, DeeZire, Dekra, Jestic, Kalvin, JohnnyK, CML99 and Vadim_M (

● IMG Tool by Spooky –
● TXD Workshop by JernejL –
● CLEO Library –
● Mod Loader by Link2012 –
● Car Spawner by fastman92 –
● Weapons Menu Mod by xmark96 –

● SilentPatch by Silent –
● Silent’s ASI Loader by Silent –
● Widescreen fix –
● DYOM by Dutchy3010 & PatrickW –
● TTDISA by DeeZire –
● GTA San Andreas Beta by MeltedSOX –
● Get CJ High and Drunk by rollajj –
● DYOM Missions –
● Looking For Big Smoke DYOM by KbZonFS –
● Extended Gang Wars by Silent –
● Real Tram by arijitsen –
● Beta Big Bear by Claudelll Zero –
● Beta Sweet, Beta Big Smoke and Beta Mulholland House by MarkNiko – | |
● Quadruple Insane Stunt Bonus by ATP –
● Bum Behaviour by Vadim_M –
● SA Beta Vehicles by JohnnyK –
● Beta FBI Car by georgon –
● SA Beta Bloodring B by Marklez White –
● Sabre Turbo by onepiece –
● DS Roadtrain Trailers by DeathSquad –
● Beta License Plate by AllenLim012 –
● Airtrain by andy-luzak –
● Rio by Mad Driver –
● Cutscene Police Car LS by /!\ErManu/!\ –
● Elegy Beta (Legend 566) by 379Thiago –
● Roller Mod by Vicolaships –
● Skateboard Mod by G-A-D-I-N-A barNaul –
● SA Beta Weapons by DeKrA –
● MP5K by Zandra_Jambot_Ahmad –
● M72 LAW by mialt18 –
● Meat Cleaver by jake-dk –


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The NaturalVision Remastered mod makes GTA 5 look like real life without hurting game performance. Special thanks to Razed for allowing us to share this video!

GTA 5 in 4K – 11 Minutes of Gorgeous Gameplay

You can download the mod here:

Original video:

Trailer made by Denis Sitarski:

Song is Changing Colors by Ramesh and Emeen, which can be found here:

We shot up at noon today and Max left a bunch of his toys and his wallet in the corner

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51 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

  1. Are bap re ye to real jindagi hai
    {This game is looking a real life omg rockstar game you r the best company of making game i was purchase your gta 4 and i will playing

  2. Who else remember those moments when we were going trough the whole map to find new places or something like that? Now I know every single place in gta

  3. We've decided to open our Discord server to everyone if you want to hang out or chat.
    Here's the invite link: < ="discordapp/invite/gtaseries">discordapp/invite/gtaseries

  4. Most of the cut mission stuff from TTDISA is absolutely , the actual info about the missions is very small and there's no code for them at all

  5. I think Rockstar should do a proper remaster of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas just like Activision with the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

  6. I think hit radio station was canceled because we have a radio station called hit radio in morocco but I'm sure

  7. I wish they had better textures on the ak47 because it's fucking horrendous even by the early 2000's standards. I probably would have preferred the Glock to the colt and a Mac 10 than the mini Uzi but I guess that's just me being picky.

  8. Damn it would be cool to add a lot of this content in a remaster version, like the side missions and minigames and more

  9. Pretty soon we're even going to need people in movies will just need them for voice we will CGI everything else

  10. That’s, that’s beautiful😢🎮😢🎮😢🎮😢🎮😢🎮😢🎮😢 I love games

    Games are BOOTIFUW

  11. Actual legit question can my gtx 1050 and i3 4170 run this? im upgrading to a 1070 and i7 4790k tomorrow but can my specs right now run it?

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