GTA 3 – How “9/11” changed the game [In-depth Analysis] – Feat.SpooferJahk

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Due to the horrific events on September 11, 2001, Grand Theft Auto III was pushed back three weeks while Rockstar combed through the game’s code. Since the game was based in a fictional New York City called Liberty City, the game received some changes. In this video, we will be digging through everything we can to find as much cut content as it is possible. To this date this is the most complete compilation of GTA 3 9/11 cuts. I hope, you will enjoy it.
Subtitles are available in:
Croatian [by ?]
Hungarian [by GTAPlaceTV]
Portuguese [by Dmitry Nardelli]
Spanish by [scornax]
Turkish by [Pespaye], [Buğra Weasley], [Okhan Bozkurt]
In this video:
•Very short behind the scene story why these changes were made in the first place
•Digging through some leftovers in the first (1.40) European release
•Pre 9/11 deaddodo flying path
•Looking through the various interviews with Sam and Dan Housers
•Investigating “Jacked” and “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” books
•Why gore mode is disabled on PS2
•Was there WTC in the game?
•Plane (Airtrain) explosion seen in the German trailer
•Plummet airlines billboard
•Removed “Join the military” radio ad
•Possibly cut “Ammu-nation” radio ad mentioning Saddam
•Some pre 9/11 strings found in the leaked text sources
•Why the intro doesn’t have subtitles
•Why American cover was changed
•Busting several 9/11 myths | Darkel and Dodo
The script which allows to blow Airtrain | Thanks to Silent!
•Fredrik Nyblom

I Don’t Know



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•City After Midnight 2 – Bo Järpehag
Is provided by

Welcome to Epidemic Sound

Huge thanks to
-Twitter users for (1.40) 6:43
-Firehead for the huge work investigating the code and making me some useful scripts
-Silent and Dimzet for investigating the “Airtrain explosion”
-Sergei Borisov for the Soundtrack Sampler disc
-Mr. Jago for making me smiley Claude
-SpooferJahk for voicing and correcting these lines 😛
-GhostBear, Zmey20009, Sergiu for previewing my video 😛
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  2. You can go to gta3 while playing San Andreas if you use a jetpack cheat and fly over the wall in the gym

  3. It is kind of ironic they edited the game since the real terrorist put the towers being knocked down in many different video games and movies before 9-11 with their predictive programming

  4. I'm glad they 't changed more than they . People all over the world played and even still play this game, and everyone was shocked and offended by the idea of it, at that time. Sounds like a case of Americans trying to dictate the course of action for the rest of the world.

  5. Will this screw up story mode or let me do missions? I’m honestly scared to try because I love gta and ’t want to be from heists in story mode or some thing

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