Hack hay day with game killer


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21 thoughts on “Hack hay day with game killer

  1. It works but when I buy something the game load new and my diamonds and my
    money are away… sry about my engish, i know it’s horrible but i’m german

  2. I tried hackin hay day soo many times today. The thing is after u get more
    money if u buy sumthin the game automatically reloads n everythin is gone
    the money n the things bought also if u jus change the farm or go to town
    or any where else it again comes back to normal. If sumbody has a better
    solution pls help cause d pricing in this game for machine n all is a
    little unrealistic

  3. Go and Use Working Hay Day Online Tool below:
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    With this tool, I have 96,000 Coins in 2 minutes.

  4. Its just a normal hay day apk that you can download on play store I
    think… Its … Its a modded apk or another hay day with another server
    apk like clash of clans or lib.og is different from the original

  5. lastima que ya no funciona, logro poner a 999999 las monedas despues de 10
    seg vuelve a las monedas anteriores… lamentablemente se jodio ya.

  6. Como hago para conservar las monedas en Hay Day, porque al comprar una
    maquina se reinicia y se pierde la maquina… Ayuda por favor

  7. Me sale un cartel con que habilite los pribileguis dek root en mi
    cel….que debo hacer hellppppppp

  8. Me sale un cartel con que habilite los pribileguis dek root en mi
    cel….que debo hacer hellppppppp

  9. For all of the people having issues:

    I ’t have the solution but I have the cause:

    Supercell games (and many other companies) introduced in their games
    “shadow” values. Like, an example, when you have 22 money the shadow value
    is -465… And when you have 23 money the shadow is -464 etc..

    It was just an example, but I told you the cause. On the game killer, it
    may work if you continously search blank box and select “became bigger” or
    “less” or “ changed” while changing your money value. I think this will
    discover the money value among with her shadow.

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