Hay Day – An Empty Barn, A Truck Event, Level Ups, Plus More


Hay Day – An Empty Barn, A Truck Event, Level Ups, Plus much more Today’s video will be a long one and will cover four key events. The first will focus on the Town as I want to update my…
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19 thoughts on “Hay Day – An Empty Barn, A Truck Event, Level Ups, Plus More

  1. Please buy more pets, as they are very nice to have and last forever,
    unlike fishing lures. You can use the pets again and again to get useful
    rewards and Experience. Pets are very useful. Please reply ricky, I love
    your videos!

  2. Ricki burnett if now you see this plz read it till the end. I always visit
    you nieghborhood but i always see it full and i cant enter and every time i
    see that i get sad because of that so plz i wish you can ente’er me in your
    nieghborhood i always play the game 24 hours plz it’s nice to speak to you 

  3. Could you tell me about your last screen shot. night at the movies. I have
    never seen that. Do you have to be a certain level? Thank you if you can
    answer this for me

  4. Hey Ricky I’m your friend on Game Center I’m level 31 and I want to join
    your neighbourhood but it’s full. Send me a invite if you can my name I x

    x JeV

  5. Hey Ricky, i think you should buy those pets bcuz they will last forever
    and will give you a lot of xp and a rare item every time you feed them. And
    yes, that xp will help you to reach those thresholds which you love!!!!

  6. Is it OK to say that I love you Ricky please keep the videos coming I love
    watching them on my free time and now I don’t have any more to watch

  7. If i was u i would get all the pets like horses dogs cats rabbits and
    donkeys and then whats left put them in fishing spots 

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