Hay Day – Choose My Derby Mystery Task 2018

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hay day cheat derby

The Hay Day Mystery Derby is almost over and One Task remains. Choose my task for me and I will get it done in the time remaining. Shout Out to all the posters on Facebook in the Video who gave their choice in the short time leading up to the start.

Hay Day with Ricky Burnett aka R3DKNIGHT, gives you the chance to learn all about Hay Day. We do live streams twice weekly, giveaways for posters, stickers, merchandise and even diamonds on occasion all with the support of Supercell and the Hay Day team.

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Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/c/RickyBurnett_Japan/live

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12 thoughts on “Hay Day – Choose My Derby Mystery Task 2018

  1. Great video and easy task, I follow your instructions and removed some christmas decorations only winter stayed in my farm… Next day I will ask you for another review 🙂

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