25 thoughts on “Hay Day Diary – Neighbourhood Chats

  1. Can someone come join my neighborhood it is called help and I am the only
    one my farm is called vegas farm

  2. People how want join Ricky Niegberhood in hay but can’t get a spot I have
    solved your issue. I’m am a fellow fan of hay day and Ricky so I have
    created a neigberhood called R3DKNIGHTs FANS PLACE. Please join. 

  3. My friend and I have created a neighborhood. We are doing this to make
    friends and have a great time! If anyone would like to join, please add me
    on The Game Center @ BaconLoverButHater or search up ” The Sisterhood ” on
    the neighborhood search! :-)
    -Thank you! 

  4. *Hey everyone*
    I feel bad trying to share a tutorial video i made but since i’m not really
    popular soo… maybe y’all can check our my check out my short *Wheating
    Effectively* tutotial…. and leave some feedback, maybe? yes no? idk lol
    hope someone checks it out just uploaded :) 

  5. I’m level 33 and im saving up for the town at level 34! But i dont the the
    juice press and the icecream maker! I cant save up im a buyer.

  6. I’ve watched most of your videos Ricky. I just wanted to say that I enjoy
    all of them. Short or long, Hay Day oriented or real life oriented. I never
    knew you were a teacher until I watched this video, and I think it’s

    Keep up the great work! You made the two and a half hours fly by! Haha

  7. I play hay day 24/7 but my parents only let me buy tom once a moth for 5
    days unless I get gift cards for iTunes then whenever I want

  8. I enjoy been in a neighborhood because you can help your friends and know
    how to a better player and when you help someone you feel good! I helped
    and still help and I feel happy for those players!

  9. Hi Ricky can i join you’re neighbourhood i play lots and i would be
    greatfull if so,what is you’re neighbourhood name ? thanks.

  10. Did you meet your wife in Japan or England? And yes I love these kinds of
    long videos on your farm!! Keep it up!!

  11. I enjoy all your hay day videos, the ones where you are talking and sharing
    your playing habits. I appreciate that you take the time to share your
    thoughts. I really enjoy the game myself and it’s nice to see the game
    played from your points of view. You have an appreciable sense of fun and
    enthusiasm. It’s nice to get someone else’s perspective on playing this
    game. My 2 daughters and I all play.
    As to the length of this video, I am not bothered at all, I watched and
    listened as I played my farm.
    Thank you for telling about Hay Day wiki. You asked a few questions of us
    and of those that stick out… 2 of my favorite TV shows are Doctor Who and
    Sherlock. As for anything else I might like to see from you… share your
    perspective on Japanese cuisine.

  12. Ricky can you add me on gamecenter
    My names is : NemoBrevik (i am your biggest fan) And if you read this

  13. Hi I watch the whole video the whole way and played hay day also I only
    need 2500 till level 24 and I got 23 this morning I am goin to add your
    neighbor hood when I get to that level

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