Hay Day Edit Price

hay day cheats for iphone 2018 price

hay day cheats for iphone 2018 price
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Editing prices for Hay Day.

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Installing bot:

I show you ,in Super Cell hay day ,how to transfer game money from account A to B((Rich to beggar) legally. The basic concept is sell items from A to B at a very LOW price say, game money . Once the account B has received the item. He can sell back to you at MAXIMUM price. That the money has transferred to Account B and the item has transferred to Account A. This isn’t rocket science, you can do it easily.

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  1. Тhis mеthоd nоt аnуmоrе wоrks with rеgаrd to Hау Dау, ехаminе mу tut tо find a diffеrеnt mеthоd!
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  2. how do i bot again? anyone knows? somehow i get . now when i try to login it says ;; reason of failure – new version of hayday ;; try to create new account data ;; anyone knows how to create or what is new account data? please

  3. What do i have to put in the Visited ID in the Hay day Sell bot?

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  4. It's working thanks for update please put Bitcoin address in software or in a text i will like to donate Great effort.

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