5 thoughts on “Hay Day Gold-Making! 11.2.12 PM Introduction by Jim Younkin

  1. the best way of making money in hayday is to do it throug big buy ups and
    maxprize selling. Buy everything that is cheap in the newpaper and then
    sell it expensive. I can make 100 000 on it a day. i got all possible items
    at my lvl of 43,and still i got 740 000 + cash. And that is without any
    microtransactions ;D So, start buying cheap and sell expensive !! 😀 after
    a while it will give u a lot of followers that stick to your sop so that
    everyshing is sold fast.

  2. What level are u now I’m 31 be my friend at reaper2115 pls I’ll give u a
    lot of good stuff pls pls pls pls pls

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