Hay Day Guide – How to make money in Hay Day! 2018

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In this guide I will show you how to make tons of coins in Hay Day. You will even get many expansion items and barn and silo items.


You will get these items and coins by a technique called wheating.
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17 thoughts on “Hay Day Guide – How to make money in Hay Day! 2018

  1. How to get rich in hay day to prepare for the higher level items and stuff,
    1. Buy tons of wheat 10 wheat = 1 coin
    2. Sell them for 20 coins = 10 wheat
    3. Profit
    4. Repeat

  2. I’ve been playing for a day and I’m level 14 and my silo is still leveled up because I keep getting screws and nail screw you nails and screws.

  3. I buy at 1 sell for 4 or 5 make 3 profit and I can concentrate on growing other stuff

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