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Don’t let your old waffle maker collect dust. Brooke shows us how to revamp all our meals for the day using a waffle iron.

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Welcome to the weekly half hour show that provides a comedic spin on the never-ending supply of everyday life hacks. Hosted by Kevin Pereira and Brooke Van Poppelen, this series demonstrates how to incorporate eye popping shortcuts guaranteed to save today’s busy adults a lot of time, effort and money. From learning how to open a bottle of wine with your shoe, to finding out the multiple uses for a toilet paper roll, there is never a shortage of hacks to discover. Viewers beware: your lives will never be the same.

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Hack My Life – The Lazy Cook: Waffle Maker | truTV
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Here’s a cool watermelon trick to make you the #1 food bringer at your Labor Day picnic this weekend.

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