23 thoughts on “Hay day hack for iPhone, iPod touch

  1. Lol at people downloading some fake stuffs. It’s 2014, you don’t have to
    download something so you can hack some game. Here it is the site for
    diamonds hack: *haydaydiamonds.c0m*. Enjoy guys! 

  2. what if you don’t have a folder called application and you can’t locate
    your app. any way around that?

  3. Did any one actually find a cheat that really dose work for this game plz
    iv wasted sooo much time tryin lol its a joke..

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  5. How can I change language of Hay Day data in text viewer
    Its available in some other language which I cant undrstand and its not in
    Pls hlp me out

  6. To all u people talking about this SKIDROW hack from zippyshare. ITS NOT
    FREE YOU FUCKING LIARS. Even more than that i bet it still wouldnt work
    after all the shit u go through to get it. All of you misleading liars
    completely leave out the fact that you have to take surveys and buy shit to
    use it. And why is that? Supposedly to prove your not a leech they claim.
    Everyone online downloading anything is a leech so what the hell is the
    point of surveys and buying other shit to get something thats suppose to be
    free in the first place? Its bullshit and thats it so dont waste your time.

  7. Who ever does it for me I will hack and get you 100,000 subs my name is
    FARM_OWNER Sforst one to do it gets the subs

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