Hay Day – How to get EASY Items to Upgrade Silo and Farm!


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This tutorial will show you how to get easy items such as screws, nails, bolts, duct tape, wooden planks and planks with a few more items on Hay Day! I hope you enjoyed this video please leave…

hi guys finally we have solve the problem all thanks to Davidson Babu please follow his steps below and your problem will be solved. Watch the video for proof.Hi Guys please save your progress…

39 thoughts on “Hay Day – How to get EASY Items to Upgrade Silo and Farm!

  1. Thanks, I’ve been playing this game without ever thinking about those parts
    that come with harvesting crops (all the way up to level 37!). Love this

  2. Thank you very much! I’ve been trying to upgrade my barn because its full
    and I need 2 screws so thank you!

  3. Tip for next time, i have the same recording app, you can go onto settings
    and alter the recording perspective to landscape so there will be no more
    sideways footage. Hope this helped! :D

  4. Why is it tilted its hard to watch mostly for people using computers.
    trying to hate or anything the advice was really helpful

  5. n first try it worked out!!! then i switched off my phone nd tried
    another time !!! yeaaaa!!! got it!!! thasnk you!!!

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