Hay Day – How to Recover your Farm


Hay Day Farm. – How to recover your farm using Facebook. On occasion some gamers let others use their devices and Facebook accounts get changed which means your game will be replaced by a…
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Wheating for coins tools and leveling up all at the same time.

21 thoughts on “Hay Day – How to Recover your Farm

  1. i’m afraid that you can’t delete the old account as purchases are linked to
    it. The only way to resolve this is to set up a new account and then set
    your device up as a new phone. This will let you start again with new data.

  2. Hi! NEED HELP!!!!
    Had an iphone 4s with iOS 3.x and HayDay at level 72.
    Now on the new iphone 6, i cannot recover my HayDay progress through
    GameCenter as it is not supported by the old iOS.
    Only way is through Facebook.
    But on the cloud, it saves the new HayDay at Level 16 (from iphone 6) and i
    cannot save the old one that is at level72 so i can recover it from

  3. Hey My friend I have two account on hay day so can we delete one account
    completely becoz while due to my old farm I m not able to connect my
    current farm with Facebook
    plz plz plz help me
    thank u

  4. How to remove your existing progress in facebook because in the new update
    there’s now Google+ account recovery and now I can’t connect to
    Facebook……because of the existing progress plssss help

  5. How can I change my account in hay day.
    Like if I am signed in with Facebook account named 1111 and I want to
    change the current game to account 2222
    How can I do it? ?
    I have Samsung galaxy s duos 2

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