Hay Day – I Spent So Many Diamonds in the Fishing Area 2018

hay day diamond wiki

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hay day diamond wiki

The Hay Day Fishing area has some machines that need more productions slots. Today I will spend lots of diamonds and do this. Watch as they flow out of my safe. The Lure Maker and Net Maker are finally done.

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#ヘイデイ #HAYDAY – Hay Day Maggie – New Style, Market Style, Hay Day Diamonds – On todays Maggie i get two new pieces thus allowing me to do one of the new styles in my album. The Hay Day Styles book gives diamonds although you spend more than you get.

Hay Day Maggie comes each week with new options so choose wisely and collect your styles. Hay Day Coins, Vouchers and Diamonds will be needed.

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21 thoughts on “Hay Day – I Spent So Many Diamonds in the Fishing Area 2018

  1. < =".youtube/results?search_query=%2399PQGLPRU">#99PQGLPRU PLZZ SEND ME A FREND REQUSED PLZZZ AT HAY DAY

  2. Hi! Sir, I had 35 diamonds and money I think less than 1000 but after sometime i open to play it I saw there is only 9 diamonds and money is 31000 ….How ?? I think someone steal it .Guide me plz to get it back sir plz…….

  3. how can u have so many diamonds all the time what u do . do u buy diamonds with real money or u hack?? I mean 2k diamonds isn't a little thing

  4. Loving Maggie! Just completed my 8th style — and I haven't even utilized the buy-back feature yet. But I've depleted my vouchers and coins that I had saved up, so I'm on a strict Maggie budget now.

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