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hay day forum
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Join me, R3DKNIGHT, the Hay Day Farmer as I play Hay Day Live. Today I will head on over to the Hay Day Wiki for a look at what it offers, then after that I will go to the Hay Day Forum. These are two of the goto places for all thats new and coming in the game of Hay Day. The number one supercell game has places to meet you. Join, intact and post. get information on the latest updates, sneak peeks, exclusives plus much more.

We will also look at bot farms, do some reviews, chat and play and sell lots of goodies. Make sure to subscribe and follow my links.

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Hay Day – Is a farming simulator game developed by Supercell, a Finnish video game company located in Helsinki. The game features a first person view on a farm the player owns.

Plot – My uncle has died, leaving me to manage a farm. During the game, I will meet many characters, such as a variety of visiting customers as well as Tom the runner, Greg my neighbour and Alfred the postman.

I can also interact with players around the world through my neighbourhood and chat with them in real-time. Within the game, I can go fishing, visit the local town or just spend time on the farm.

The game has no linear plot and I have free rein over everything I do.

Supercell is also the maker of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach, so don’t forget to check out their other awesome games.

More info on the Hay Day can be found on the Wiki here – http://haydayhacktools.com/hayday.wikia.com/wiki/Hay_Day_Wiki

Last Updated: April 04, 2018
Version: 1.33.134
Size: 114 MB
Languages: English, Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish
Seller: Supercell Oy
Video Rating: / 5

Monthly Forum Awards – December 2018

Hello dear neighbors,

I come from the dark side of the Forums to announce the winner of December’s Forum Awards for Hay Day. We know we are late, our apologies.

But without further ado, we’d like to announce that last months’ winner is…

*drrrrrruum rolls*

… Ranger!!! Your great positive attitude, willingness to help other farmers and those awesome instructive videos and tutorials have won you 300 diamonds!!!

And that’s lots of wheat one can buy with 300 diamonds

Hey Ranger, keep on being awesome!

A brief description of these monthly forum only contests and how they work:

Employees & mods are not eligible to participate in these contests, but will help judge the winners.

Contest rules and specifics will change every month. They will not be announced in advance, so expect a surprise on the first of every month.
Spamming to increase post count is STILL against forum rules and will not win you the forum contest.

Have fun and be friendly. You never know when you could end up buried in diamonds!

PS: don’t forget to feed your pets!

Link – http://haydayhacktools.com/forum.supercell.net/showthread.php/508409-Monthly-Forum-Awards-December-2014

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Hay Day..How to stack for derby tasks

Playing, telling you about my game style and strategy. I have been playing Hay Day since April, 2018. I started playing on my iphone 5 but enjoyed the game so much that I went to the ipad mini. One device was not enough for me so I found another ipad mini on that widely known “list” and so started a second farm. I now have that second farm to level 76. That should have been enough, right? Wrong.. I got an ipad 9″ screen and started the 3rd farm with the intention of highlighting and guiding Hay Dayers how to make the town more prosperous and gaining the xp that everyone clamors for. Being raised on a farm, I will try and share some of my true farming experiences with you. I hope you enjoy my videos and I am always open to suggestions.

You can download Hay Day from your IOS device apps. It is recommended that you connect the game with your facebook account for ease in recovery should your game get lost or hacked.

Other references to assist in the game:

To join the Supercell forums and communicate with fellow Hay Day gamers:
Video Rating: / 5