Hay Day Player ID, Supercell Player ID 2018

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hay day hack user id

Hay Day Player ID, Supercell Player ID is the new service from Supercell to keep all accounts linked and safe. With player ID you can switch accounts, farms, clans, beaches very quickly and smoothly. As a Hay Day Farmer I can have multiple farms on one device and link across platforms from Apple to Android.

The New Hay Day and Supercell ID is one of the best updates in the game in a long time.

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Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/c/RickyBurnett_Japan/live

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Or in game by going to Settings, Help and Support.

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hay day hack user id

Hay Day Online Cheats Generator - CLICK HERE!

16 thoughts on “Hay Day Player ID, Supercell Player ID 2018

  1. Please Stop Using my emails. The codes will be sent to me. The email is mine yours.

    Use your own farm and emails to register your farms. Then the codes will be sent to you.

  2. Hi Rick, I just have a question. My farm is working on my iPod but the game center is turned off. When I go to my settings can I still add my farm to the new supercell id? It is a long story but my daughter gave me her old iPod and thought she deleted everything but somehow I am still on her game center. She has been trying to reset her apple id but is having difficulty. That being said, I noticed that my farm is updating and saying welcome back but I can still play. I do want to lose my farm as I am at level 143. Please help!!!

  3. I think you should start a new farm and 't help your farm from your other farms and 't accept help from your thousands of friends so you can actually feel what it is really like for a brand new player trying to play the game alone with no help at all.

  4. Hi. Love this new feature. Somehow I am way behind because I ’t know I could have two firms. How do I create a second farm?

  5. Thank you for the great video ! It was very clear and I was able to set up my two accounts in no time ! You are the best Ricky !

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