Hay Day – R3DKNIGHTs Farm Animals .


Hay Day – It’s all about the animals. Today’s video is a request from one of my subscribers. They have asked me many times in chats to make this and I finally have got round to doing it….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hay Day - Farm of the Week #1 - Santos

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32 thoughts on “Hay Day – R3DKNIGHTs Farm Animals .

  1. I would be so thankful if you would do this:
    Full preview pf Salad bar, Sushi bar and Sandwich bar.
    PLEASE! There is zero videos on youtube about previewing those machines!

  2. Great video as always. I don’t think the lobsters are making a phone call
    with the shell, if you’ll look closely you’ll see musical notes moving out
    of the shell. I’m thinking they are listening to the ocean sound like we
    hear if we hold a shell to our ears, and not making a phone call. But
    that’s just how I see it of course lol. Also the things flying around in
    the lower left new land area sure look like dragonflies to me.

  3. Ricky, I just got the jewelry maker and I’m wondering what the best use of
    jewelry is in your opinion.

    I want to just sell it at the road side store but I’m wondering if its
    better to sell them in exchange for tickets.

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