17 thoughts on “Hay Day – R3DKNIGHTS YouTube Q&A Session Part 2

  1. Another good tip is going to the newsflyer and looking at levels. The
    higher levels tend to sell great items or items in bulk

  2. What is the name of your neighborhood, ricky? By the way you grow up in
    japan or move there? I Love your videos, they’re so entertaining helpful
    and relaxing!

  3. Ricky I’m still looking for that link where the guy posted the drop ratios
    from the animals, I’m having any luck finding it. Help. lol 

  4. I am level 43, and I was wondering what machines you would recommend
    getting more slots on first? Thanks Ricky love your vids.

  5. just got in to your channel and im really likeing your content please
    upload more on how to get started on videos a week

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