Hay Day: Recipe Swap Tutorial 2018

hay day diamond trade swap

hay day diamond trade swap
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hay day diamond trade swap

Join the Hay Day Recipe Swap. Where we make real recipes for our favourite foods from Hay Day. Share your recipe in the Recipe Swap uploader: http://haydayhacktools.com/supr.cl/RecipeSwap

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Hay Day: Introducing Neighborhood Trading

Finally! You can now trade items with your neighbors with the latest Hay Day feature!

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Players can request items from their neighbors and view their neighbors’ requests by tapping neighborhood mailbox (also called birdhouse). This opens the request board.

Players can make one request at a time and can ask for a maximum of: 10 units of a crop, 5 units of a product 3 units of a supply item (land-clearing and mining ones only)

Requesting an item sends a notification to the neighbourhood chat panel, and make a letter appear in neighbors’ mailboxes. Requested items can be picked up from the patio located next to the mailbox. Players cannot request a new item if they have not picked up all donated items first.

Players can request items every 8 hours, and players can donate 20 items to their neighbors within a 24-hour period (not based on UTC/GMT but on the time players donated the items). A crow sits on the roof of the birdhouse when a free request is available, and it flies away after the request has been made.

Players can trash a request and make a new one before the cool down time is over, but this costs 5 diamonds. Players donate one item at a time so multiple players can help fulfill the same request. Donating items give players the same number of experience points they earn when making the item.

Plot – My uncle has moved on, leaving me to manage a farm. During the game, I will meet many characters, such as a variety of visiting customers as well as Tom the runner, Greg my neighbour and Alfred the postman.

I can also interact with players around the world through my neighbourhood and chat with them in real-time. Within the game, I can go fishing, visit the local town or just spend time on the farm.

The game has no linear plot and I have free rein over everything I do.

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Published on April 23 , 2018

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