Hay Day: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS7-9 only)

hay day boerderij verwijderen

hay day boerderij verwijderen
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UPDATE: This tutorial applies to iOS9 and/or earlier versions. iOS10 does not have a dedicated Game Center App anymore, but the Game Center login is found from the device settings.

Hey farmer, make sure to save your farm progress with Game Center! That way you won’t lose your farm.
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33 thoughts on “Hay Day: Save your Game Progress with Game Center (iOS7-9 only)

  1. I purchased a new IPhone 8 to replace my previous iPhone and unfortunately lost all my data from Hayday. It was only saved in the Game Center, on Facebook. I’d there anyway to retrieve my game?

  2. hello.. I have a problem … hayday game have my phn.. how I can move ipad.. my present farm..

    plzz plzz help me.. 😂😂

  3. No!please make an update video for iOS!cause I just brought my new iPad Pro 10.5 , and then I had an iPad Air 2 , which ,I was in level 28!!!now in my iPad Pro , zero….please….😭😭😭😭😭

  4. What if my Game Center has data of the game that I’m trying to link to Game Center. So basically my game is in my Game Center but I’m trying to link it, but there is already data in the Game Center from when I used to be logged into Game Center and now I can’t transfer my data from the non linked data

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  6. Can i connect to facebook and save my progress if I use 2 android devices without google account ? Pls help

  7. بلازحمه اني بل مستوه 6 واريد اشتري شعير واني ماعندي اصدقاء

  8. Maak tot 30 Mei kans op 25.000 muntjes op Hay Day! Bekijk onze actie hier: < =".haydayvrienden.nl/showthread.php?64-Forum-actie-Win-nu-25-000-Hay-Day-muntjes!&p=243#post243">.haydayvrienden.nl/showthread.php?64-Forum-actie-Win-nu-25-000-Hay-Day-muntjes!&p=243#post243

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