Hay Day – The Fishing Area Guide 2018

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This video is about All About the Fishing area. I will talk about every aspect of this area from the start at level 27 when you open it up. I will introduce the materials needed, the kinds of fish and the best places to catch them.

Watch as I cast over the fishing spot and who I look for set circle sizes, and speeds. Will I get diamonds, will I get lots of XP. This will vary but watch and find out how you can get them.

To catch fish you won’t need to open up all the areas but to get them all you will have to expand. You can also expand the tackle box as well so you can store much more.

Lures are needed for some fish so use your vouchers to make them on the lure machine.

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16 thoughts on “Hay Day – The Fishing Area Guide 2018

  1. I agree w Mischa. Ricky has vast Hayday knowledge but when i watch his videos, i play the audio only for a few seonds to see if he is using that annoying, voice. If so, I watch in mute. Occassionally, he will post with a much more pleasant, natural voice. Those I will watch and Like. Cut it out Rick.

  2. Ricky, do you have the link to the wikipedia fishing article shown in your video at [< =".youtube/watch?v=Z_yIX41j1AY&t=38m07s">38:07]? I can't find it on the wiki ?

  3. i 't know if someone already mentioned it, but if you open the fishing book and watch closely to the background of a certain fish photo, you can figure out where that specific fish lives. For example, (< =".youtube/watch?v=Z_yIX41j1AY&t=2m30s">2:30), if you see the photo of "Bluegill", you can see the lilies behind it. if you are after that specific fish, then fish at that specific spot.

  4. a derby task for 335 point? < =".youtube/watch?v=Z_yIX41j1AY&t=17m00s">17:00 sweet. never seen that before. 320 tops

  5. hi dear ricky i found ur nighberhood please low the level and save space for me that i could join i am at level 41

  6. i need help I have 47,232 and zero diamonds >.> like bruhh and I'm level 27 and I 't wast my money on the boat and I really need to know how do you use the mine to get stuff ? please help c:

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