Hay Day – The Halloween Ghost of Chicken Lake


Are you playing Hay Day? Is it Halloween? Have you spotted the ghost in the fishing area? If you answer yes to the first two and no to the last one then you need to head on over to your fishing…

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13 thoughts on “Hay Day – The Halloween Ghost of Chicken Lake

  1. What if you DONT have the fishing area?,like me because I am only on level
    23 and I know the fishing boat unlocks at level 27

  2. I’ve heard tho I don’t know for sure, if a person hasn’t built their boat
    yet they can go to another person’s farm that has a boat built, then use
    their boat to get to that person’s fishing area and find the ghost there to
    get some prizes. Of course this is all a mute point till next

  3. ❗️how much does the neighbour chat thing cost I’m unlocking it on my next
    level, gonna be level 29 next :3

  4. If you want to grow relly fast on hay dag plant every time you have some
    lands still empty don’t miss a land to plant

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