Hay Day Treasure Chest – The Hunt For Diamonds Part One 2018

hay day losing diamonds

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hay day losing diamonds

This is the Hay Day game which can be got through iTunes.

This video shows you how to open the red treasure chests you see on your farm to see whats inside but without losing any diamonds to do it.

The first chest you see in an unlocked one. Yeah I won TNT.

Then I did a little bit of work on my farm and went to Gregs farm.

When I went to his farm I had 25 diamonds.

I then located the chest and touched it. This one is locked.

Now follow the exact instructions to open but not lose Diamonds.

Click the 3 Diamonds to open. DO NOT TOUCH the ITEM

You will now see whats inside. If its what you want then touch it but if not DON’T.

Press the home button on your device and the game closes.

Press the home button twice to see the app image.

In your case touch the app till the X comes up then close the app.
In my case I slide it down to close the app.

Then find your game on the springboard and open it.

Go back to your farm and circle around to see if a treasure chest is there.

If not go back to Gregs and repeat the same process till you find diamonds or what you want.

NOTICE my diamond count still says 25 diamonds so I didn’t lose the 3 to open and see whats inside.