Hay Day VALLEY Update is here! Exploring the Valley 2019! 2019

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Hay Day VALLEY Update is here! Exploring the Valley 2019!

The latest update is here! In this video I explore the Valley!

Happy 7th birthday Hay Day! And what better way to celebrate than with one of the biggest updates in our history, introducing a completely new way to play! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your (truck) engines!

Introducing: The Valley!

• Take your personal truck on a ride to discover an entirely new Hay Day area, which will open up in seasons! *Important Note:* We will start with a much shorter trial season to make sure everything is working smoothly.
• Play with your entire neighborhood but also with other players, and see each truck drive around in real time.
• No opt in – Every player can start to play and leave at any time!
• Fulfill various requests by either delivering farm products or picking up orders to drive them elsewhere in the Valley.
• Earn 3 types of new currencies called “tokens,” and spend them on exciting rewards.
• In cooperation with everyone, collect escaped chickens on your Valley map to open up Valley-exclusive rewards!
• Complete separate Valley quests for even more rewards!
• And so much more: check out the tutorial video in the game!

Community Requested Features / Improvements:

• Stay tuned for a very special Hay Day 7th birthday gift delivered by Alfred the postman!
• New and exclusive decorations added to the Derby reward pool!
• Earn very special and exclusive decorations when reaching the following levels: 50, 150, 200, 250 and 300
• Save your farm by connecting to the Supercell ID and earn an exclusive decoration!

Took us quite a while to get this update out, but here it is!!

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