How to hack time of a game [speedhack tutorial] 2018

hay day hack game guardian

hay day hack game guardian
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hay day hack game guardian

How to hack time of a game [speedhack tutorial]

in this video i hack the time of hayday game but you can hack any game which you want

let you decide at what speed you want to play your game… if the game speed is going too fast at difficult levels,, slow themm… or too slow at initials… fast and accelerate it…
let you decide, how much time you waiting for next free coins, building construction time in games etc… just change at what you want…
This is a very short tutorial on how to speed up your android internal clock to cheat in certain mobile games that have you wait for a long time. While this may work for some online games too, most of them use server time and therefore cannot be hacked…
The best way to make time go faster without having to wait.
This is a small tutorial on how to make games on your android phone, device or emulator go faster or slower. Especially useful for games that make you wait for a long time of that require fast reactions.
GameGuardian is one option, Emulator + Cheat Engine another, speeding up the clock another.
Best was to make time go slower.

This will work for games that are not 100% online. It many also work for certain aspects of online games.
Also the sucess rate in single player games is about 50%, since not all of them use the same mechanisms to calculate time.

If u still dont understand wat to do, first go to the playstore and download gamegaurdian

Second, open it up and let it have root acess if it doesnt the hack wont work

Third, press start at the bottom corner and it will exit and u will have the apps little icon that u can move around the screen

LAST, go to the app u want to speed hack (it doesnt work with multiplayer games such as when your in the game just click the gamegaurdian icon and select the app your in then click the 3 dots in the corner and select speedhack then u will have a rectangle thingy on your screen and u will have to select the speed u want to have (1 is the normal speed)

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