hay day hack 2018 ps3 price

hay day hack 2018 ps3 price
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One word? ABSOLUTELY. The PSP is super affordable, very portable (especially if you go with the PSPGo), dead easy to hack, and has a massive library — even before you factor in emulators.

Let’s revisit Sony’s first foray into the portable world!

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Here’s my comparison video of the new Nintendo Switch versus the 5 years old PlayStation Vita. I share with you guys the mayor differences and advantages of both devices. And in 2018 which device you should buy. Hope you guys like the video.

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33 thoughts on “IS THE PSP STILL WORTH IT IN 2018?

  1. HEY, LISTEN UP! I'm giving away a New 2DS XL! Since you're doing nothing right now anyway, why enter the contest? 😀

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  2. Do people really say that the psp lacked major titles or in genre variety? They’re very misinformed….

  3. PSP was way ahead of it´s time, sad thing is it still beats the nintendo switch in terms of online features.

  4. The first thing he bought with his own money after he immigrated to Canada. My turn now, please, I wanna be a Canadian.

  5. Seriously, PSP has a strong, strong awesome library of games….classic franchises redone well (Ghost Goblins, Mega Man, Bomberman, Raionbow Islands, etc etc.) PS1/PS2 games ported on the go, awesome all in 1 collections too (SNK, Capcom, Namco, Metal Slug, Twin Bee, Star Soldier, Gradius), plus all the cool puzzle games (Crush, Cube, Echoshifts, Exits, FF Tactics etc.) and the nice exclusives (Patapon 1-3, Loco Roco 1-2, Clank, Daxter, Gitaroo Man) and great RPGs (FF IV complete, FF II, Hexyz Force, Brave Story, Trails in the Sky, FF Crisis Core, Class of Heroes 1/2, Jewel Summoner, Lunar 1/2, Ys 3,5,7, Valkyrie Profile, etc.) All of the top of my head, all kick ass games in my opinion with modern enough (acceptable on the LCD screen definitely) graphics and easy portability and OK controls….I still discover great, fun, cheap games all the time still like Tokobots and Prinny:Can I be the Hero just this week. PSP kicks ass in my opinion…especially for the price.

  6. Please Can anyone tell me from where can I buy Jeanne d'arc?
    I've checked a couple of sites but I want the opinion of someone who has more knowledge in this "domain"
    I live in Europe

  7. I finally got my first psp in 7th grade. From the time I got it to today it's always been in my bag since I got it. Such a great system.

  8. I have two of these shits, both hacked. My slim seems to have Analog stick problems though (which could easily be replaced for a cheap price), I bought the Phat for about <$40, contemplating running Monster Hunter Freedom Unite off it (which seems like a terrible idea considering the first Monster Hunter game I played was MH3U for the 3DS).

  9. Nintendo Switch Wins is powerful than ps vita , Switch can played on tv and without tv + outside everywhere is a 8th generation video game console , there is no comparison + the graphics look better and more future , so do you think vita can beat Nintendo switch? the answer is no , i love ps vita 100% i already know vita the same level with Nintendo Switch because vita is a old system that's it

  10. It all boils down to your budget. If you have enough to get either one.. Switch is superior. If you have a smaller budget Vita. The budget covers the console and games. Think and choose wisely

  11. < =".youtube/watch?v=Jcnp2KDmcgc&t=5m23s">5:23 Idiot take the controls off and put it on the other pocket

  12. I brought a vita as soon as it came out.. phew months later sold it, just kept to my ps4. Nintendo switch all the way in my opinion, and plus who 't love Mario and zelda!

  13. I was gonna get a switch but then I decided on a vita cuz it’d be a great companion for my PS4 plus it has YouTube Netflix a web browser and so many more features the switch ’t have

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