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  1. What if Dumbledore used the resurrection stone proactively on Harry so if he was killed, Voldemort's sliver of a soul within Harry was substituted instead and brought him back to life?

  2. If true, the first thing that went wrong was that the Dursleys were abusive dicks to him, yes, but they tried to hide the existence of magic from him. And his powers 't really manifest until just before he got the letter.

  3. No, Dumbledore is a powerful guy. nice. Like when Slytherin won the house cup at the end of TPS. He gave Gryffindor just enough points to win. Aberforth was the kind one. Even when Harry was rude and told him he'd given up in TDH. I wouldn't be surprised if he was trying to turn him into an Obscurial. As a weapon against Voldemort. But it ' out to Dumbledores advantage but to Harry's. Because he 't need to become one to defeat a heartless wizard. He just needed to tell him pretty much that he went unloved. It threw Voldy off and he became vulnerable.

  4. Jules seem a little upset in this video? He seemed way more withdrawn but also his eyes looked like he'd recently been crying. Are you ok, man? Do you need a hug?

  5. I must disagree. Dumbledore himself admitted that he had planned to use Harry's connection to Voldemort against him (Voldemort). He had no idea Harry would survive the encounter until he learned that Voldemort used Harry's blood to revive himself at the end of the Goblet of Fire. He even tells Harry to his face, in the Order of Phoenix, that he had a plan and it involve him caring about Harry, but he does. He only begins to truly groom Harry (Half-Blood Prince) after he knows, or is pretty sure, he will survive.

  6. i hope you took into consideration the fact that Newt Scammander says that an Obscurial reaching the age of 11 is nigh-on impossible if the Obscurus manifests. Also, Ol' Morty was stupid enough to know what an obscurial is and how to put it down. Hell, massed spellfire by people who had no idea how to combat an Obscurial (what they cast was apparently unimportant) made Credence stop and feign death. And if it's something Lord Running-Away-from-Death has masses of, it's people with wands and little regard for human life. to mention that IF Harry was to become an Obscurial, he would have turned Marge Dursley and her dog to kibble, painted the school with the bodily fluids of Madam Umbridge and/or Snape, since Credence tore through some parts of New York and various people like buckshot through cardboard

  7. The main thing that makes an Obscurial is using magic and holding it back from coming out. Also he wouldn't of sent Hagrid to go get him when he was of age also would never of sent the letter or owl…

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