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  1. Though this commentator chose to remove it from the equation, the video game has been said to be the true sequel to the 1982 film. In that plot, (spoiler ahead), the player meets up with MacReady at a point in the story. Mac informs him that Childs was indeed an imitation and he was forced to destroy him.

  2. The ginger gets infected first by the dog, then Palmer. Palmer infects Childs when they go together, blood test fails on Childs because he can anticipate the pain now. Childs runs out to infect the Doctor. Childs is left alone with Mcready

  3. I always thought it was neither of them being the thing but now knowing the theories and confirmation from carpenter saying one of them is the thing, then I would say childs is the thing

  4. Childs is the thing .when he Breaths no cold air comes out but we look Kurt Russell you can tell he’s cold

  5. There is a comic that McReady is a thing and he survive helping other people fought off the thing in a jungle.

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