Just Play it #68 | Hay Day Game play 2018

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Hello Farmers,

Rumors aren’t rumours anymore. New land is coming in this coming Winter update!

If you want to talk about Hay Day with others you can subscribe to the Allo Allo Nighthawk Here! Discord server. It is in Dutch but also in English. We have separate channels for both languages.

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Hi, I’m Ruud (aka Nighthawk1973)

As a hobby I have played games, among other things. I have been active on Hay Day since December 2, 2012. This is a very relaxing farm game with the focus of growing and making trees and products.
Challenge in the beginning is not that bad, but when you get higher in level, frustration sometimes increases For help you can watch my YouTube videos and hope it will help you too. This will make the game less stressful and more fun.

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