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At last we are having some spring weather! And even though we are over 2 weeks behind thanks to all of the snow, it is now time to concentrate on catching up. Here is a video explaining what has been happening on a particular day. I am also so pleased to announce that starting next week there will be at least a weekly video appearing. Stay tuned for some exciting things!
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My name is Huw Richards, I live in Wales, UK and I am a teenager who loves vegetable gardening. Unusual right? I love to teach people around the world about growing their own food organically and my end goal is to get as many children as possible to have the experience of growing food which I believe is one of the most important things a child could learn. If you’re new to HuwsNursery then please hit that subscribe button (and also notifications) so you can learn more about growing your own food inexpensively 🙂

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Must Unlock 2 New Land Fields in Hay Day level 96 | Part 05 | Live Now

Unbelievable that i get a lot of people give more encouragement comments. I really love your comments and supporting. In this video i try my best to unlock 2 new fields and especially i reach the fourth level threshold too. Please enjoys watching..
Must Unlock 2 New Land Fields in Hay Day level 96 | Part 05 | Live Now
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Video Rating: / 5

Video Rating: / 5

24 thoughts on “LAST DAY ON EARTH BIENTÔT EN 3D ? 2018

  1. Hello Huw, have you considered making a poly tunnel with greenhouse plastic covering? I've watched plenty of videos of growers over the UK and Ireland it appears to be the best solution for dealing with the often cooler temperatures during the summers leading to greater success. It has obvious drawbacks such as the lack of watering from rain but it seems to be the best option in just my opinion,.

  2. Great video Huw,yep another cold spring,still needing more sun here in Scotland,it aint only the veg that gets depressed man lol,Ally

  3. That is a great filming strategy. (a lot of gardening channels 't have this kind of forethought.) Filming is looking great Huw, and you'll be staring on BBC anytime now. (Mark my words)

  4. Hi Huw, will be interesting to see how the succession planting goes. Onions look healthy. Take care. Nick

  5. Enjoying your videos. Amusing/entertaining/interesting (pick whichever 't offend) watching your earlier videos against the later ones. Just listened to your interview the other day with Maddy and Tim on the 25th anniversary of their Permaculture career. Lovely couple, great interview and good questions – the way forward I think.
    I've got 3 gardens to work in – long, narrow, urban mid-terrace; fairly large, wide, open, clay based, semi rural detached estate house; edge of woodland land share type of allotment. Hoping to glean ideas.

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