Let’s Play: Hay Day – Part 1


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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Making the Most of Hay Day Ep.6: Mining the Mine and Queueing the Smelters

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

29 thoughts on “Let’s Play: Hay Day – Part 1

  1. I was in 64 level.but my farm los.i play in first now i am 51 level..what
    can i do for crack level after i continue from64 level..help

  2. Let’s Play: Hay Day – Part 1: < ="youtu.be/ED-xH_jXkYE" rel="nofollow">youtu.be/ED-xH_jXkYE

  3. Hay Day Game Walkthrough:
    < =".youtube/watch?v=ED-xH_jXkYE&list=PLqne3M1w_3OcTmSKnITm2ta7IhIw1x65c" rel="nofollow">.youtube/watch?v=ED-xH_jXkYE&list=PLqne3M1w_3OcTmSKnITm2ta7IhIw1x65c

  4. Como faço pra comprar o jogo novamente exclui sem querer gostaria muito de
    poder jogar novamente

  5. This game really looks great i like the 3D graphics, seems so true reminds
    me of the game Pocket Tales. In terms of farm concept they’re almost the
    same, just that pocket tales is combined of RPG which makes it very
    challenging and enjoyable at the same time.I must say that Pocket Tales is
    one of a kind, with a Farm Simulation and RPG in one! Wow! Awesome plus you
    can create your own party member to fight with you and defeat enemies,
    extremely satisfying! In this game I’ll be able to work as a real farmer in
    the world with the help of Workers with designated task. This is like a
    total package of social game with harvesting, Farming and Battle as this
    game focuses on three main Function. Anyway i see nothing wrong with this
    game, promising in anyways!

  6. Funniest thing is that I’m level 24 and I cleared my farm and I never sold
    my TNT barrels, dynamite or shovels and I have 8 shovels, 14 dynamite, 9
    TNT barrels, I’m getting a lot of ore when I get the mine :D

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