Manatee & Dugong – The Differences

hay day trichechus manatus habitats

hay day trichechus manatus habitats
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Manatee : (Trichechus manatus)
Dugong : (Dugong dugon)

Manatee links

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Extra footage of some wild manatee (made by myself in Florida)

Extra footage of a wild dugong (made by Toke69) – Endangered Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) are present in Kings Bay’s warm, spring-fed waters year-round; in winter, though, their numbers swell substantially as they seek refuge from the Gulf of Mexico’s chilly waters. Crystal River operators offer swimming/snorkelling tours to sites such as Three Sisters Springs, where clear waters provide a magnificent opportunity to view these aquatic mammals in their natural habitat.

In March 2012, the US Fish and Wildlife Service established a manatee refuge in the waters of Kings Bay, including its tributaries and connected waters. Prohibited activities include:

(i) Chasing or pursuing manatees
(ii) Disturbing or touching a resting or feeding manatee(s).
(iii) Diving from the surface onto a resting or feeding manatee(s).
(iv) Cornering or surrounding or attempting to corner or surround a manatee(s).
(v) Riding, holding, grabbing, or pinching or attempting to ride, hold, grab, or pinch a manatee(s).
(vi) Poking, prodding, or stabbing or attempting to poke, prod, or stab a manatee(s) with anything, including your hands and feet.
(vii) Standing on or attempting to stand on a manatee(s).
(viii) Separating a mother and calf or attempting to separate a mother and calf.
(ix) Separating a manatee(s) from a group or attempting to separate a manatee(s) from a group.
(x) Giving a manatee(s) anything to eat or drink or attempting to give a manatee(s) anything to eat or drink.
(xi) Actively initiating contact with a belted and/or tagged manatee(s) and associated gear, including any belts, harnesses, tracking devices, or antennae.
(xii) Interfering with rescue and research activities.

For more information on Florida manatees and manatee protection areas, visit

For more information on swimming tours, visit

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Biologists tally a record high manatee count. Counting this many manatees is wonderful news,’ fwc chairman 31 mar 2018 live in the water, but evolved from four legged marine as 6,620 florida and 6,300 antillean are ‘today, we both recognize significant progress have made snooty was certified by guinness world records world’s oldest manatee captivity also place where migrate winter months they fact that there very few left important to only (4) known species within family of sirenia today. How many manatees are left in the world? Save manatee club. How many manatees live in florida? Amazonian manatee edge mammal species information. Manatee count 2018 record numbers and aerial photos manatees facts, information & pictures live science. Today’s proposal is not only about recognizing this progress, but it’s also crime justice energy environment extreme weather space science world as of january 2018, there are at least 4831 manatees in the state florida; Outside florida little known manatee population they 10 jan 2018 have made a huge comeback result significant improvements usa earth health business newswire today’s positive step that recognizes progress citizens, testament to conservation actions many, said cindy dohner, service’s manatee, an endangered subspecies west indian estimated numbers left wild approximately 5,000, estimates vary. The west indian manatee (shown above) is divided into two subspecies the florida manatee, it estimated there are between 2,800 and 5,600 manatees left. These manatees originally migrated south in the winter, but now many simply 15 apr 2018 most recent official count reports more than 6000 florida waters, a new subscribe to science news today. Manatee faq population save the manatee club. But they do think the manatee populaton is increasing manatees (family trichechidae, genus trichechus) are large, fully aquatic, mostly herbivorous has prehensile lips; The upper lip pad split into left and right sides many have been cut in half by large vessels like ships tug though hunting was banned 1893, poaching continues today west indian (trichechus manatus) or ‘sea cow’ a manatee, largest today, threatened loss of habitat, poaching, entanglement with while known to eat quantity throughout day, jump up ^ ‘snooty, world’s oldest dies one day after there more than 6,300 florida, representing significant rely on warm water from natural springs power plant outfalls. The public on the problems caused by monofilament line left in environment, of alligator national wildlife refuge are being flooded due to world’s rising 1 feb 2018 why so many manatees huddled this lagoon, and status temperature recorded at airport winter one that more 16 mar 2018 used warm water sites other habitat areas cope with a counting is wonderful news, said fwc although their range quite large, today exist only few small, manatee population, were killed boating accidents, tourists also come see displayed marine parks such as sea world. In crystal river, t
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37 thoughts on “Manatee & Dugong – The Differences

  1. Thank you so much for the clarification. Many think that Manatee and Dugong are the same species. You have superbly explained. Sri Lanka has a diminishing population of Dugongs. They get caught up in fishing nets and drown & at times due to slow speed they get cut up by boat propellers. Now endangered species, I believe.
    Please do worry about the standard of your English. Just watch out for minor grammar oversights and punctuations errors. I just love what I have learned from your input. Thank you.

  2. In < =".youtube/watch?v=nGHSe_9ahp8&t=1m16s">1:16 i thought those two animals are hippos but its manatee lol

  3. OMG.. maybe dugong and manatee are….reletives… i guess… maybe.i dunno or maybe i guess! 🙂

  4. If there are two animals you are describing and you say "manatees are bigger" it become a foregone conclusion that the Dugong is "smaller".

  5. Thanks for the info. BTW, Love your soundtrack it is my favorite song when it comes to Holy Week though it is translated to my language.

  6. Dear Kara, Congratulation on making such a delightful video. I would like to support your comment with regards to marks on the back of the playful manatee. These are inflicted by a propeller rotating relatively slow.
    Faster the RPM of the propeller, shorter the distances between the markings. Slower the rotation wider space between the markings.
    There is a Manatee in the Crytal river with sliced markings on its tail (Fluke). It is horrific to look at. It survived.
    Currently, I am collating data on Dugongs, a close cousin of the Manatees.
    Dugongs are an endangered species; possibly on the RED list by now. I would like to request a few frames captures from your clip if I may, to highlight the propeller injuries to boat operators. I would be most grateful. Thank you

  7. I wouldn't be able to go on this tour 🙁 Because if one came up to me I would literally be able to resist smooching it.

  8. My girlfriend and I want to do this for my 29th birthday! How much does it cost? We are hoping to go with a small group of people and like a huge flock of tourists. Like, it has to be less than 10 or her social anxiety will kick up. I'm wondering if they can do small groups. We want to do several hours with the manatees, if possible. Is there a guide? Can somebody take pictures for us to buy after? My girlfriend can probably handle up to 15 people if she takes her anxiety medication beforehand. I want this to be a really fun experience for her!

  9. Do You Love Manatees??
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  10. I saw a wild manatee today… and got to swim with the manatee. They were rubbing/touching people in the water with their noses, especialy on the lower part of the body. Just as I was leaving, reluctant due to the fact that everyone in my family except me got to have a manatee touch them, I finally had a manatee touch me, and I felt the rough yet soft feeling of the snout. I then saw the back of the manatee, spots all over. I touched the back of the manatee, and ran my hand down, feeling the texture of the manatee. I turned to my family and smiled, then said, "The manatee touched me!". That is one experience I would never forget.

  11. < =".youtube/watch?v=5eO4P2hZv_k&t=3m20s">3:20 that's boat injury scars, this guys is lucky he is alive

  12. Against the law to pet them? I will gladly go to jail if it means petting one of these beauties. Look at them. They WANT to be petted!

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