My First Line of Code: Linus Torvalds

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June 16 — Linus Torvalds, who is known for developing the Linux kernel, talks to Bloomberg about his first line of code.
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The Weekender:

Aleeza and Gershon have a very functional crafting space for their 5 artistically-inclined kids, but it could use some pizzazz.

See behind this design:

14″ White cabinets –
30″ White cabinets –
Rug –
Chairs –
Table legs (for island) –
Oak plywood –
1″ Poplar dowels –

Door – “Classic Red” (
Walls – “Icy Avalanche” (
Dresser – “Bluer than Blue” (

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50 thoughts on “My First Line of Code: Linus Torvalds

  1. Este loco como sigue tomando meritos ajenos, no hizo nada en mas de 20 años y se cree un dios del codigo, un puto kernel logro hacer solamente y es cerrado, o acaso pueden entrar y ver su codigo?? Y habla del codigo libre, richard es el capo el que hizo todo realidad el que lucho por el codigo libre, la GNU es lo que todos usamos y modificamos, GNU es la estructura libre a la todo tenemos acceso, es el sistema en si, y este payaso ni lo nombra a richard. Acaso cree que trabaja solo en su casa por que el quiere y le gusta?? Es por que richard y el resto ya saben que el solo les robo el merito a todos y que no aporata nada a la causa del software libre, el loco trabaja solo y no cumple las normativas de la GPL.

  2. Yes Linus is great but lets forget the people that gave us Unix and C and the GNU project and people involved with that.

  3. Love it can you please come help me? I need you monica.
    I love the peg board idea, I’m glad that you mention the distance from wall. Seen other video but no one mention that.
    Lowe’s is my go to for project. My garage is a mess a bit organize but we have no drywall and the laundry room is in garage omg hate doing laundry because the garage is so bad . Help help is mention leant is everywhere because there was no exit for it…..

  4. Can someone help educate me?? What are the strings hanging out of the home owners shirt. I assume they have to do with his Jewish faith, but I do know much about Orthodox Jews and their customs. I am trying to be offensive, I am truly curious and would just like to understand other cultures and their customs.

  5. Monica you are soooooooo clever. This particular episode has gotten my creative juices moving….some ideas for my kitchen, and some for my sewing room. o,versized pegboard in both, table with cut outs in both, clips in both…..

  6. Everything you shared in my email is really useful… The problem is here in the Philippines… This season is a typhoon season… Always no electricity.. no internet. Just like a few days ago.. it's flooding in my place

  7. Thanks Vishesh for spreading a good understanding about education. Educate ourselves .. we cannot get everything in school.

  8. Great ideas! I love this. In many ways schools, K-12 and college, fail their students. Helping students build self confidence, self esteem, …. are very important.

  9. all these are supposed to be taught by parents first of all, but they often fail to do do, school could do but there is so much to learn with regular subjects which are useful as well such as geography which would be real good Americans do learn a bit one subject Ithink that needs to be taught and som
    ehow encompasses all others you mention is meditation of full awareness and compassion

  10. Great marketing tease.  This video 't tell me how to live an extraordinary life – it tells me what I won't learn from a conventional education system.

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